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This report covers the period January 2007 to December 2007, the calendar year for Centre for Alternatives for Victimized Women and Children (CAVWOC).  During this period, a number of activities took place. In the report, you will find the synopsis of events that took place including new projects secured, progress made so far, audited accounts report from our auditors, the challenges faced internally as well as externally. We shall also present emerging opportunities available to CAVWOC.
Key features of CAVWOC during the year were the launch of its partnership with AAIM, Securing of funds to implement a livelihoods and food security programme for the vulnerable women and children, handing over of three Victim Support Unit structures in Chiradzulu and its continuation to chair the GBV permanent committee of the National Gender Coordination Network. In addition, the bringing in of new staff members built a strong team with a spirit of solidarity in the struggle against gender and human rights violations much easier.
The report therefore tends to be more informative and give an opportunity to all of us to reflect back and see where we are coming from in addition to laying a foundation for a better future as we empower women and children who are our prime reason of existence in the community.


To empower women and children who have been victimized. Enshrined in this, is the principle of promoting women’s and children’s rights and achievement of gender equality regardless of one’s ethnicity, race, religion, sexuality and sexual orientation


A society free from Gender Based Violence and all other forms of abuse against women and Children




Embracing a culture of results based management; CAVWOC has the following objectives which guides its day to day work.

To provide counseling services to survivors of gender based violence and other rights violations.
To provide capacity building to women and children on how to protect themselves against rape, molestation or any other forms of violence.
To collect and document data on abuse and other rights violations of women and children.
To help survivors of any rights violations psychologically and sign post them to other service providers for final assistance.
To empower, women and the vulnerable groups through income generating activities to reduce economic dependency.


mainstreaming HIV and AIDS in all programmes and projects, CAVWOC uses the following strategies to achieve its set mission and vision;

 Counseling and public education.
 Capacity building and trainings
 Provision of legal aid services to the communities.
 Referral services
 Provision of alternatives for victimized and vulnerable groups.
 Documentation of abuses on women and children.


CAVWOC’s mission statement is to empower Women and Children who have been victims of violence and abuse therefore our target group is mostly women and children who bear the blunt of victimization in society. As an organization, we realize that empowerment of women and children cannot take place without involving men. We thus target men, women, boys, and girls so that messages of change reach the whole community.   


From its inception, CAVWOC has operated in the southern region of Malawi. Its geographical location includes; Blantyre rural, Chikwawa and Chiradzulu. In Blantyre rural, we are currently in Traditional Authority (T/A) Kunthembwe and have also worked in T/A Kuntaja. In Chikwawa we are targeting T/As Kasisi and Mlilima while in Chiradzulu we are in all the six T/As of the district.  However, we have in the past also conducted one -off projects beyond our target areas to districts of Mangochi, Salima, Nkhatabay, Rumphi, Ntcheu and Kasungu.