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Improving Secondary Education in Malawi (ISEM)2017-2020MWK European UnionThe overall objective of the Action is “to contribute towards increased enrollment, retention and completion rates at secondary school particularly for female and Other Vulnerable students.” The specific objective of the action is “Improved secondary education completion rates among girls and Other Vulnerable students especially in Community Day Secondary School in the target districts • Engage with district council stakeholders on female and OV students' education • Conduct district based advocacy on safe learning environments • Conduct influencing for girl friendly facilities targeting DDF,LDF • Strengthen district multi-stakeholders (DEN, DGBV forums) • Conduct public enquires on SGBV cases in targeted CDSS • Facilitate linkages of established SGBV reporting & case management structure • Submission of an annual Donor reportLilongwe, Balaka and Phalombe In partnership with OXFAM and GENET; Mchinji, Lilongwe, Dowa, KasunguCAVWOC trained students, mother groups and male champions on sexual gender based violence reporting and case management. Students were to feel supported and protected by these structures. For Less confident students, the happiness and sadness boxes were established. The students could secretly report their cases and/ or comments in the boxes. The number of reports made moved from 0 to 10 in the first fortnight the boxes were introduced. Furthermore, by end July 2018, more than six underage girls had been retrieved from their would be marital homes and brought back to school at Chisugulu community day secondary school in Phalombe by the male champions.
Local Rights Programme2018- 2021MWK Action Aid*To empower women and girls to challenge laws, policies and practices that pre-disposes them to gender-based violence. *To improve access to quality primary education and vocational skills for poor and vulnerable children in particular girls and enhance youth participation to contribute to poverty eradication. *To enhance resilience among people living in poverty and smallholder women and men farmers in the context of climate change, natural disasters and extra active industry operations. *To improve access to quality primary education for poor and vulnerable children in particular girls through equitable and inclusive Early Childhood Development. • Case Handling in TA Nkalo and Kadewere • Monitoring of Caregivers • Monitoring of youth clubs • Monitoring of Goat Pass on systems • Monthly meeting with groups that are supported by CAVWOC • Dissemination of plans and budget • Half Year sponsorship briefings with volunteers • Child message collection Successes Chiradzulu, Malawi.• 38 cases were handled in from January to date, 27 cases completed, 6 under court, 1 under police and 4 are pending • 12 CBCCs were monitored and have a total of 423 learners that are accessing quality ECD services of which 241 are girls and 182 are boys. • There are a total of 68 youth clubs from TA t village level • 250 goats that have been passed on were monitored in 10 GVHs around Tradition Authority Nkalo • The plans were disseminated in all 18 GVHs the CAVWOC with support from ACTION AID is working • A total of 180 volunteers attended the meeting • 431 messages out of 791 have been collected
Combating Sexual/School Gender Based Violence Among Boys And Girls In Primary School For Increased Retention2016-2018MWK COMIC RELIEFOUTCOMES 1. Girls and Boys have increased access to safe school environment with support structures and mechanisms that protects them from school based violence 2. Improved capabilities/competencies of girls and boys to defend girls’ rights and challenge Sexual Gender Based Violence 3. Improved implementation of laws and policies related to girls education 4. Improved attitudes and practices around Sexual Gender Based Violence among teachers and school workers 5. Reduction in harmful cultural factors and negative norms that affect girls education in communities• Build community capacity in active citizenship and demanding accountability on related Policies and Laws and Community Radio Listening Programing • Build capacity of teachers, education officials and school workers on issues of SGBV, girls rights, law and policies on VAG • Mount community based campaigns on SGBV, and readmission policy, for girls in schools • Engage with local, traditional, and faith leaders on negative beliefs and practices. • Hold a national campaign on Ending Violence against Women in Malawi • Submission of a Donor Bi-annual report Balaka, Phalombe in partnership with OXFAMDistributed sanitary pads to 1840 girls of the target group 840 girls were returned and retained in school Strengthened bi-laws in all 4 of our Traditional authority 350 Boys were retained to school Trained 733 teachers in the sexual gender based violence
Combating Sexual and Gender-Based Violence to retain girls (and boys) in Malawian schools for improved education. AKA Project Direct.2017-2019MWK OXFAM GB1- Improved capabilities/ competencies of 4,000 girls and 2,000 boys to defend girls’ rights and challenge SGBV in 4 targeted districts (Mzimba, Dowa, Balaka & Phalombe) in Malawi 2- Improved and safe learning environment for 4,000 girls, 2,000 boys and 500 other vulnerable students (OVS) in upper primary and secondary school in 4 targeted districts (Mzimba, Dowa, Balaka & Phalombe) in Malawi. 3- Improved access to education support mechanisms for 1,200 female and OV students in upper primary school and secondary school in 4 targeted districts (Mzimba, Dowa, Balaka & Phalombe) in Malawi 1.Train girls in life skills, menstrual hygiene management, and HIV/AIDS/SRHS in 40 schools (CDSS and primary schools) in four districts of Mzimba, Dowa, Balaka, and Phalombe 2. School teachers and mothers groups trained in life skills, menstrual hygiene management, and HIV/AIDS/SRH, who will in turn train 1,500 girls and 800 boys in life skills, menstrual hygiene management, and HIV/AIDS/SRH 3.Mobilise girls and boys in Malawian schools to engage on social issues like SGBV prevention and SRH using popular sports especially netball and football in 40 schools (CDSS and primary schools) in four districts of Mzimba, Dowa, Balaka, and Phalombe 4. Facilitate linkages between school/community/district structures in combating SGBV 5. Support DEMs to develop and implement action plans on enrolment and retention of girls and OV students in CDSSs Mzimba, Dowa, Balaka and Phalombe in Malawi-5000 girls and 4724 boys in targeted schools engage in popular sports (netball and football) to address social issues like SGBV prevention and SRH -8 school management committee and 8 parents teachers Association have improved capacity in management and prevention of SGVB cases in upper primary and secondary schools in Malawi. - By end of project year 1, 1150 girls and 650 boys report feeling safe and protected from SGBV in the school environment in targeted schools
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