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Chisomo is an orphan living with her older half-sister, a commercial sex worker. Chisomo is a bright, hardworking 16 year old in form three, who wants to complete her secondary education, go to college and become a nurse. However, her sister forces her to drop out of school and join sex work in order to make ends meet in their home. Chisomo does not want to join sex work because she wants to accomplish her dream. When CAVWOC learnt about Chisomo’s story, CAVWOC counsellors and mother group members met with Chisomo’s sister and informed her about Chisomo’s rights – especially the right to education and convinced her to let Chisomo stay in school. Chisomo was also informed on where to report when she faces such predicaments. That is why CAVWOC exists, to bring hope to girls like Chisomo whose rights are violated.