CAVWOC: Centre for Alternatives for Victimized Women and Children

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Welcome To CAVWOC

Women and Children in Malawi face a lot of challenges in terms of inequalities, physical and sexual abuses, forced marriages and economic deprivation. Centre for Alternatives for Victimized Women and Children (CAVWOC) believes that a society free from gender based violence and all forms of abuse against women and girls is possible in Malawi. In order to achieve this, CAVWOC provides the following to communities it works in:

  • Capacity building of community structures and justice providers to reduce occurrences of Gender Based Violence (GBV).
  • Access to knowledge on and utilization of Sexual Reproductive Health services including HIV and AIDS.
  • Promotion of quality, safe and equitable education for girls.
  • Promotion of use of safe and portable water and uptake of standard sanitary and hygiene practices.
  • Support in increase of household food security and income.

We are a social service organization formed in 1997 and registered under the Trustees Incorporation Act of Malawi in 1998. We are affiliated to Council for Non-Governmental Organizations in Malawi (CONGOMA), NGO Board of Malawi, NGOGCN and the Human Rights Consultative Committee.

CAVWOC was established with the sole purpose of providing technical and psychosocial support to women and children that are survivors of gender based violence and sexual reproductive health rights violations. As a local NGO, we support the rights of women and children in Malawi. We work to empower abused, vulnerable and marginalized women and children in order to provide them with knowledge, counsel and assistance in regards to their rights that will transform them from the state of being victimized and vulnerable into socially and economically empowered members of society.

Our Mission

We exist to reduce gender based violence and child abuse in all its forms by preventing it and supporting women and children who are survivors of it.

Our Vision

We envision a just Malawi in which all women and children are able to pursue their rights to live a healthy, socially and economically empowered life.


Women and girls in Malawi face challenges in terms of inequalities, physical, sexual and emotional abuses, forced marriages and economic deprivation. They live in societies that normalize and protect the regressive cultural norms that fuel the inequalities. They lack support to keep them safe and to liberate them as survivors.

Our Values

  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Openness
  • Non-discrimination
  • Equality


Our work builds a conducive environment for Women and Children to be able to live socially empowered lives with vibrant support structures against all forms of abuse while empowering the women and children with knowledge of their rights and freedoms and self- building skills. We build the capacity of community structures and justice providers to provide support to survivors of abuse and to promote a safe abuse-free environment. We provide access to knowledge on Human Rights and linkages to protection workers and the referral system. Our work helps to promote quality, safe and equitable education for girls, to prevent occurrences of Sexual and/or Gender Based Violence. We also support households to become more food secure and increase income levels through various and innovative income generating activities and innovative farming practices. Our work empowers vulnerable, abused and marginalized women and survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV).

CAVWOC facilitates community development by encouraging and supporting women and Children in their journey of change and growth towards thriving socially and economically; because more enlightened and supported children, more gender equality and equity today, leads to a more sustainable and prosperous tomorrow.

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.