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Transforming Education: Transforming Lives Supporting Girls’ and Other Vulnerable Children’s Education across...

1st February 2024 - 31st July 2025
This program aims to improve access to, retention in, and completion of...
$183,000.00 /$183,000.00
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Reducing poverty and inequality in Malawi

he 'Reducing Poverty and Inequality in Malawi' project, funded by Oxfam Ireland,...
$350,000.00 /$350,000.00
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Local Rights Programme

To empower women and girls to challenge laws, policies and practices that...
$4,000.00 /$4,000.00
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Girls Get Equal

1 Jan 2019 - 1 Jan 2024
The program is designed to contribute to the Government's efforts to end...
$20,000.00 /$20,000.00
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Her Future Her Choice

1st August, 2020 – 30th December 2024
Project is designed to achieve Increased claiming of sexual and reproductive health...
$77,496.90 /$77,496.90
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Improving Secondary Education in Malawi (ISEM)

The overall objective of the Action is “to contribute towards increased enrollment,...
$0.00 /$0.00
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