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Transforming Education: Transforming Lives Supporting Girls’ and Other Vulnerable Children’s Education across Southern Africa

Ongoing Project : 1st February 2024 - 31st July 2025

Funded by: Judith Nelson Foundation

This program aims to improve access to, retention in, and completion of transformative and equitable education for 20,270 (including 556 with disabilities) girls, young women, and other vulnerable children at primary and secondary school-levels in Malawi and Zimbabwe by December 2024.

The project will be implemented in Phalombe and Balaka Districts in the southern part of Malawi. These districts show increased trends in school dropouts and low transition rates, especially for learners coming from poor households. The specific project locations in the districts were provided by the District Executive Committee on the basis of these locations being largely neglected by organizations due to their difficult terrains making them hard to reach. These areas usually are marginalized from accessing projects. Participants – girls and boys – in the project will be selected using government social protection criteria. Schools will select school bursary committees which will be in charge of adopting/ modifying the government social protection criteria for use in identifying learner beneficiaries.

Improve enrolment, retention, and completion of learners in targeted schools 
Create a safe learning environment for learners by challenging negative socio norms that affect girls’ education 
Increase performance (numeracy & literacy) of learners in the targeted schools

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